Accelerated Imaging Clarity

ZÁZNAM | Proběhlo St, 4.10.2023
V naší DEMO laboratoři Vám ukážeme jednoduchost přepínání mezi režimy MALDI a DESI XS, které jsou oba dostupné na přístroji MRT.
Waters Corporation: MRT in Action

Waters Corporation: MRT in Action

Join us for the fourth SELECT SERIES MRT in Action deminar. In this installment of our series, we will show new levels of imaging clarity and confidence being obtained with MRT, at speeds that realize useful improvements in throughput.

In our applications demo lab we will show the simplicity of changing between MALDI and DESI XS modes, both available on the MRT instrument. We will also highlight new imaging workflows, enabled by micro apps, developed to extract meaningful information quickly.

The session will conclude with a live Q&A where Emmanuelle Claude, Wei Rao and other members of the team, who will be on hand to answer all of your questions.

Why Should You Attend?

  • Discover how the characteristics of the MRT aid mass spectrometry imaging workflows
  • Learn how the different imaging modes work to extend imaging coverage
  • Understand how MRT imaging data is processed through various workflows

Presenter: Emmanuelle Claude (Consulting Scientist, Waters Corporation)

Emmanuelle Claude started at Waters Corporation in October 2000 as an Applications Chemist in the Proteomics and Genomics Marketing group, developing automated Peptide Mass Fingerprint (PMF) MS methods using a MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer. Over the years she developed several methods in the proteomics analytical space using MALDI TOF and naturally moved in starting the development of Mass Spectrometry Imaging (MSI) at Waters corporation over 15 years ago.

She has been involved with hardware and software R&D to ensure that the solutions are fit-for-purpose for the MSI community and beyond. She has worked extensively with the main MSI leaders in Europe and the US such as Prof Heeren in the Netherlands, Prof Clench, Prof Takats and Bunch in the UK and Prof Caprioli in the US. She has been a Principal Scientist since 2014 and became a Consulting scientist in 2021. Emmanuelle is managing the MS imaging application team at Waters, who are involved in developing new applications and methods for imaging by both MALDI and DESI mass spectrometry.

Presenter: Wei Rao (Principal Applications Chemist, Waters Corporation)

Wei Rao is currently working as a Principal Applications Chemist in the European Applications Laboratory at Waters Wilmslow, focusing on MS imaging and ambient MS with the DESI XS platform. He has more than 12 years of ambient MS imaging experience, and has worked in various posts in the UK, US, China, and many countries within the APAC region, bringing with him a unique global perspective to the field.

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