Elevated Biologics Characterization

ZÁZNAM | Proběhlo St, 20.9.2023
Jak lze pomocí MRT odhalit jemné modifikace primární struktury, jako jsou rozdíly v distribuci izotopů nativních a deamidovaných peptidů.
Waters Corporation: MRT in Action

Waters Corporation: MRT in Action

In our third SELECT SERIES MRT in Action deminar join us to see how the exceptional resolving power of the MRT can help you make faster and better-informed decisions on Biopharmaceutical workflows.

During the demo, Dale will show how subtle modifications to primary structure such as differences to the isotope distributions of native and deamidated peptides can be unveiled with the MRT and how the high resolution of the MRT has benefits for protein analysis in that fully-resolved isotope distributions can be obtained, aiding in deconvolution to monoisotopic mass.

The session will conclude with a live Q&A where Dale and other members of the team will be on hand to answer all of your questions.

Why Should You Attend?

  • Discover how the characteristics of the MRT aid biologics characterization workflows.
  • Learn how the different acquisition modes work to enhance performance.
  • Understand how MRT data is processed for various biopharmaceutical workflows.

Presenter: Dale Cooper-Shepherd (Principal Scientist, Advanced Mass Spectrometry, Waters Corporation)

Dale is a Senior Scientist in the Discovery MS group at Waters, Wilmslow, UK. He undertook PhD studies at the University of Leeds and conducted postdoctoral research at the University of Oxford, UK. Throughout his training Dale specialized in applying ion mobility MS in the field of structural biology.

Dale joined Waters in 2015 and since 2019 has been working as an applications scientist on the SELECT SERIES of instruments.

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