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Shimadzu na ASMS 2020 - pohled zpátky - část LC a LCMS

Po, 23.11.2020
| Originální článek z: Shimadzu/ASMS 2020
Podívejte se zpátky na letošní virtuální veletrh Shimadzu na ASMS 2020. Téměř 70 posterů, několik webinářů, nové produkty a 50 let historie a inovací v hmotnostní spektrometrii.
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Shimadzu: Virtuální veletrh Shimadzu ASMS 2020

Historie hmotnostní spektrometrie Shimadzu

V roce 2020 uplyne 50 let od představení prvního hmotnostního spektrometru LKB-9000 od společnosti Shimadzu. V uplynulém půlstoletí vedla naše vášeň pro inovace k mnohonásobnému převratnému vývoji v MS technologiích.

Shimadzu: ASMS 2020 Historical Poster - A History of Shimadzu and Mass Spectrometry Innovation

ASMS 2020 Historical Poster - A History of Shimadzu and Mass Spectrometry Innovatio

LCMS Posterová místnost na ASMS 2020

Nejnovější výsledky z oblasti kapalinové chromatografie a hmotnostní spektromerie ve formě aplikačních nebo technických posterů.

  • TP 004 Ultrafast qualitative screening of mitragynine, MDMA, and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in complex matrices by green technology direct probe ionization mass spectrometry

  • WP 031 MALDI-nanochip based Screening of Exosomal Biomarkers: Application to Cancer Diagnostics

  • ThP 003 Monitoring the differentiation process of human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) to cerebral cortical neurons by LC-MS/MS media analysis

  • MP 070 Detection of typical GCMS Pesticides in Cannabis Matrix utilizing APCI-LCMS

  • TP 119 Evaluation of automated quantitative analysis of the doubly charged glycatedβ-hemoglobin by MALDI-TOF MS

  • TP 120 Fully automated LC-MS/MS method to assess DPD deficiency in Cancer treatment with 5-FU
  • TP 122 Monitoring of embryonic stem cell differentiation trajectories by intact cell mass spectrometry

  • ThP 036 Cost effective and rapid method for simultaneous determination of vitamin B12, 25-Hydroxyvitamin D2 and D3 from plasma using LC-MS/MS

  • ThP 031 Determination of 25(OH)VD3 derivatives in LC-MS with special reversed-phase chromatographic columns
  • ThP 039 Evaluation of a rapid LC-MS/MS method to measure simultaneously IDUA and IDS enzymes activities in dried blood spots

  • MP 117 A Data-independent Acquisition (DIA) Approach on Q-TOF Mass Spectrometry for In-depth Peptide Mapping of Monoclonal Antibodies

  • ThP 081 Analysis of Per-and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) Specified in EPA M533 Using the Triple Quadrupole LCMSMS

  • ThP 072 Analysis of PFAS compounds in Fish Tissue Using Offline Supercritical Fluid Extraction and LC-MS/MS

  • ThP 083 Detection of hormones (E1, E2, EE2) according to the requirements of the EU Water Framework Directive using an online-SPE-HPLC-MS/MS

  • ThP 082 Towards Single System for Total Water Analysis. LC-MS/MS screening of 325 PPCP Contaminants in Tap and Surface Water

  • MP 205 Highly sensitive analysis of the related substance of ciguatoxins by the multiple reaction monitoring and electrospray ionization with LC/MS/MS

  • MP 203 Widely targeted metabolomics of hydrophilic compounds using LC-MS/MS -How compounds change when curry is stored overnight?

  • WP 163 Highly sensitive analysis of glyphosate, glufosinate and AMPA in the tap water and the beverages by LC-MS/MS without derivatization

  • ThP 100 A simple dilute-and-shoot LCMS method for the determination of free and modified amino acids in dietary supplements

  • ThP 109 Are you sticking with drinking Bottled Water? Assessment of PFAS content in commercial samples
  • ThP 104 Direct Analysis of Glyphosate, Glufosinate and AMPA in Foods Using a Triple Quadrupole LC/MS/MS

  • TP 217 Unraveling Tissue Complexity in Samples of Human Inflammatory Bowel Disease Using Imaging Mass Spectrometry

  • ThP 225 Versatile applications of MS imaging using a bench-top linear MALDI-TOFMS

  • WP 279 LC-MS ESI Parameter Optimization with Bayesian Optimization for High Sensitivity Measurement

  • MP 284 Improve the sensitivity of haloacetic acids and phenols by increasing ion transmittance of an ion guide at higher pressure vacuum

  • TP 255 A novel ion optical device to improve duty cycle of a Q-TOF mass spectrometer

  • TP 258 Fundamental Principles and Performance for a Low Vacuum Mass Spectrometer

  • WP 344 Efficient introduction of ionic compounds into LC-MS using the improved ESI unit; Application to dirty samples

  • WP 350 High Sensitivity Analysis of Steroid Hormones with modified ESI to improve desolvation efficiency

  • ThP 337 Utilizing U-Shaped Mobility Analyzer (UMA) for High Performance Bio-molecular Analysis

  • MP 315 Development of a LC-MS/MS method for simultaneously determining 30 pesticides in Chenpi

  • MP 318 Trace analysis of abused drugs in waste water sample by AOE system coupled with LCMS-8060

  • WP 388 10 min LC-MSMS analysis of fatty acids in triacylglycerols to compare human serum and food

  • WP 399 Oncofinder: a novel platform for screening benignant nevi from melanomas based on lipid phenotype using mass spectrometry and machine learning

  • ThP 362 Method development of high-throughput eicosanoid profiling for micro-sampling plasma

  • ThP 368 Untargeted LC-MS/MS-based metabolic phenotyping applied to the CD248 knock out mouse model

  • WP 422 Comprehensive metabolomics of wine using LC-QTOFMS and LC-TQMS; Novel workflow to transfer analytical method from LC-QTOFMS to LC-TQMS

  • MP 423 Development of cell culture supernatant analysis using LC-MS/MS and their application for Chinese hamster ovary cell

  • MP 421 Widely targeted metabolomics of hydrophilic compounds in wine using two LC-MS/MS methods: Comparison of different types and producing regions

  • TP 443 Climbing the oligonucleotide ladder toward rapid and wide-ranging oligonucleotide analysis using benchtop MALDI-MS

  • WP 459 Qualitative and Quantitative analysis of Phosphorothioate Oligonucleotides Using a Quadrupole-Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer

  • TP 479 A novel, simple and sensitive LC-MS/MS method for simultaneous quantification of insulin glargine and its metabolites (M1 and M2)

  • TP 469 Highly sensitive quantitative analysis of Leuprolide from rat plasma using LC-MS/MS
  • TP 473 Selective and sensitive quantification of glucagon in human plasma using microflow LC/Q-TOF MS

  • ThP 447 Analysis of Polymer Additives in Plastic Food Containers Using the Quadrupole TOF Mass Spectrometer

  • WP 487 LC-MS/MS method development of aflibercept using Fab-selective proteolysis nSMOL technology

  • ThP 464 Characterization of Disulfide Bonds in Bevacizumab Biosimilar Using A Q-TOF Mass Spectrometer

  • TP 535 A multiplex targeted Mass spectrometry approach for the quantification of synuclein proteoforms in human biological fluids

  • MP 521 Comparing an intrinsically disordered protein α-synuclein to fixed structure proteins following FPOP modification using high resolution LCMS intact analysis

  • TP 587 Unknown Constituent Identification in Topical Preparation using a Q-TOF Mass Spectrometer

  • ThP 578 Development of a Data Processing Approach to Support Ultra High-Throughput MS Acquisition

  • ThP 572 Highly sensitive LC-MS/MS method for the determination of NDMA, NDEA, NDIPA, NMBA, NEIPA and NDBA in Metformin Drug Substance

  • MP 577 Expanding capabilities in routine clinical toxicology screening using HRAM QTOF

  • MP 572 Multi-target screening of toxicological compounds in blood on a fully-automated platform consisting of sample preparation module CLAM and LC-MS/MS

Všechny LC a LCMS postery z ASMS společně s dalšími postery z roku 2020 naleznete v Knihovně LabRulezLCMS

Shimadzu: Webináře na ASMS 2020

LCMS Webináře na ASMS 2020

Dalších 22 našich LC a LCMS webinářů naleznete v sekci Webináře LabRulezLCMS.

Virtuální stánek na ASMS 2020

Navštivte náš virtuální stánek na ASMS 2020 a podívejte se na novinky v naší analytické instrumentaci od chromatografů, až po nejvýkonnější hmotnostní spektrometry.

Shimadzu: Virtuální stánek na ASMS 2020

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