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5th IMEKOFOODS in Prague – Czech Republic

Út, 21.4.2020
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IMEKOFOODS is coming to Prague – Czech Republic for its fifth edition.


IMEKOFOODS is coming to Prague – Czech Republic for its fifth edition. From Wednesday 16th until Friday 18th of September 2020 , researchers, industries and people involved in food control and nutritional studies, will present and discuss their findings on new measurement techniques, analytical methods & devices, reference materials, measurement uncertainty, data integration & sharing in support to food analyses.

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, together with IMEKO TC 23, are delighted to invite scientists, PhD students, health professionals, food inspection and control agencies, laboratories for food control and the industry to discuss and present their findings on metrology in food and nutrition.

The presentations of the three previous IMEKOFOODS Conferences successfully addressed the latest developments in food related measurements using a variety of techniques and approaches, as well as the key topics of harmonization and standardisation . In addition to technical and poster sessions, useful scientific discussions and workshops dedicated to some specific initiatives may encourage new collaborations and strengthen the existing ones.

Highlights of the program

  • quality and safety of plant and animal agricultural products
  • food safety – contaminants, trace elements, natural toxins
  • food hygiene, allergens, environmental aspects
  • food security, food authenticity
  • food integrity – quality
  • foodomics
  • human nutrition – probiotics, prebiotics, dietary supplements, bioactive compounds, personalised nutrition, nutrigenomics
  • food reference materials and proficiency testing
  • food contact materials, nanomaterials, microplastics
  • novel food technologies, food reformulation
  • data handling in food samples
  • sensory analysis, food acceptance, consumer behaviour

Organizing Committee (OC)

  • Lenka Kouřimská (Chairman of the Organizing Committee)
  • Matěj Božik
  • Laura Míčková
  • Lukáš Pacek
  • Kateřina Jiralová
  • Kateřina Tušková

TC23 – Metrology in Food and Nutrition

The Technical Committee 23 of IMEKO (IMEKO TC23) was founded in 2006. The aim of this important milestone was to strength the links between food consumption and Metrology to allow the spread of metrological principles and concepts into food and nutrition area by an international organization supported by a host of outstanding metrology experts.

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

Currently the university has more than 18 000 students (10% are international students), 6 Faculties and 1 Institute. The university offers over 170 accredited study programs at BSc, MSc and PhD levels (in 9 BSc, 20 MSc and 18 PhD programs the language of instruction is English). The university has 1 700 employees, of which more than 700 are Professors or Associate Professors. Since 2007 the Czech University of Life Sciences is member of the Euroleague for Life Sciences.

Terpenix s.r.o.

Company Terpenix s.r.o. is a spin-off company of the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, founded in 2013. The company is focused on the wider use of the potential of natural substances from plants. Our main mission is to describe the slogan: “Protected by Nature” – this means reducing the current overuse of synthetic chemicals used in agriculture and food for plant protection, livestock nutrition or for the treatment of agricultural products and food. The key is the use of natural substances, especially essential oils, which can provide more space for organic farming without having a negative impact on the environment, animals and the health of the human population.

Editor of the Event

  • Pavel Klouček

International Program Committee (IPC)

  • Nastasia Belc (Bioresurse)
  • Isabel Castanheira (INSA)
  • Nives Ogrinc (IJS Environment)
  • Karl Presser (PREMOTEC)
  • Michael Rychlik (Technical University of Munich)
  • Joris Van Loco (Sciensano)
  • Pavel Klouček (METROFOOD-CZ)
  • Claudia Zoani (ENEA)
  • Janaína Marques Rodrigues (INMETRO)
  • Maria Fernandes-Whaley (NMISA)
  • Kaoru Yoshida (Sony Computer Science Laboratories)
  • Heather Greenfield (TC23 Honorary Member)
  • Maria Tsimidou (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

Keynote speakers IMEKOFOODS 2020

Paul Finglas (Quadram Institute)

Head of the Food Database National Capability, and Research Leader in Food and Health. He is an experienced food and nutritional scientist on vitamins and bioactives in foods, their intake, absorption, metabolism and requirements. He is currently coordinating EuroFIR Nexus, and participating as a WPL and member of the management boards in PlantLibra and TDS, BaSeFoods, and MoniQA NoE. He is Editor-in-Chief of Food Chemistry, editor of the journals Trends in Food Science (Executive Editor) and Technology…

Selvarani Elahi (LGC Group)

Selvarani is the UK DeputyGovernment Chemist and Executive Director of the Food Authenticity Network at LGC. She hasover 25 years’ experience in the analysis of food and agriculture samplesfor authenticity, contaminants, additives, composition and nutrients, and has also managed teams delivering consumerproduct testing. She also works across avariety of policy areas, with different stakeholder groups, to improvestandards in measurement science…

Michael Sulyok (BOKU Vienna)

In his work there is a strong focus on method validation and participation in international interlaboratory comparison studies in order to characterize the performance of modern LC-MS based multi-analyte methods with minimal or even no sample clean-up which will be topic of his presentation. The other focus is on the application of the method to study the overall pattern of mycotoxins and fungal metabolites in food- and feedstuffs and in the indoor environment…

Ana Isabel Gomes Rito (INSA)

Ana Rito has a PhD in “Nutrition and Public Health”. Since 2008 she undertook 2 Post-Doc at the NIH (INSA)-Portugal. She is the PI for Portugal, of the COSI/ WHO Europe study and a member of its Advisory Board. Collaborating at NIH -WHO Collaborating Center for Nutrition and Childhood Obesity. She is also the Director of the Research Center CEIDSS…

Detailed programm available on 5th IMEKOFOODS web pages

Česká zemědělská univerzita v Praze
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