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Virtuální Waters LC Symposium 2022

St, 16.3.2022
| Originální článek z: Waters Corporation/Waters LC Symposium 2022
Najděte odpovědi na dnešní otázky a buďte připraveni na zítřejší příležitosti. Připojte se k odborníkům na kapalinovou chromatografii (LC) a dozvíte se toho mnohem více.
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  • Video: Waters Corporation: Dependability LC Solutions - Accurate Analysis for All

Nenechte si ujít příležitost přidat se k týmu Waters a celé řadě našich hostů a zjistěte, jak můžete těžit z nejnovějších inovací a technologií Waters. Poznejte více naše HPLC řešení, které přinášejí vyšší výkon, flexibilitu nebo spolehlivost než kdy předtím.


Waters Corporatio: Virtuální Waters LC Symposium 2022

Program 13. Dubna 2022 Evropa (Program v Angličtině)

14:00 – 14:08

  • Jeff Mazzeo Ph.D. (VP Marketing and Scientific Operations, Waters Corporation)

Jeff Mazzeo kicks off our Symposium by reinforcing the questions that Waters asks every day: Are we supporting our customers with the right technology at the right time? How can we push our boundaries to make sure our customers have the answers to all of their questions?

14:10 – 14:55

BriOri BioTech Advances Preclinical Studies for Topical Osteoarthritis Drug with the ACQUITY Premier System
  • Dr. Bruce Register, Ph.D. (CEO BriOri BioTech)
  • Moderator: Jeremy Darcey (Senior Field Service Specialist, Waters Corporation)

Osteoarthritis affects over 300 million people across the globe and this number keeps growing as the prevalence of knee and hip injuries rises. Dr. Bruce Register, CEO of BriOri BioTech is passionate about developing pain relief for those who are suffering from this disease. In less than three years, Dr. Register and team were able to reformulate a powerful NSAID COX-2 inhibitor to develop a new topical arthritis capable of relieving pain with a 3x better skin penetration than other topical creams. Through this process Dr Register had to develop highly sensitive methods to ask: Can I achieve maximum LC and LC-MS performance? At the Symposium, you will hear from Dr. Register about how the ACQUITY Premier System and Xevo TQ-XS Mass Spectrometer helped the company achieve the sensitivity and reduced carryover necessary for the analysis of a reformulated COX-2 inhibitor.

LC Method Migration: Moving Methods to Newer LC Assets within or Across Labs
  • Douglas J. Turk, Ph.D. (Business Unit Manager, Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing)
  • Pauline McGregor, Ph.D. (CChem MRSC, PMcG Consulting)
  • Amanda Dlugasch (Application Chemist, Waters Corporation)

Managing the complexities that come with working across different labs can be a challenge – especially when you need to upgrade a method or system. One of the questions we hear is: Can I depend on my LC solutions to provide accurate and reliable results? You’ll hear from Douglas J. Turk, Ph.D. (Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing), Pauline McGregor Ph.D. (CChem MRSC, PMcG Consulting), and Amanda Dlugasch (Application Chemist, Waters Corporation) about WHY and HOW LC method migration to newer LC technology can support your global quality initiatives.

Achieve Exceptional Separations Using the Arc Premier System Leveraging AQbD Principles
  • Fadi Alkhateeb (Senior Scientist, Waters Corporation)

We often hear from our customers: Is my lab flexible enough to meet the needs of today and tomorrow? How do I set up my lab for success today so I can be ready? Join Fadi Alkhateeb, Senior Scientist, to discuss and share some best practices about how the Arc Premier System provides superior, flexible chromatographic performance for all your analysis needs inclusive of your metal-sensitive compounds.

Waters Corporation: Virtuální Waters LC Symposium 2022

15:00 – 15:55

Q&A – Ask the Experts Live Breakout Rooms

Six live sessions give you and your peers the opportunity to learn, network, and discuss your questions with Waters field experts.

Each session will run for 30 minutes, kicking off with a 3-5 minute Waters panel discussion then followed by an open call for questions and discussion. Choose the sessions of interest.

Session Topics and Expert Attendees (Ask the Expert session panel participants may change due to presenter availability):
  • Heather Longden (Sr Manager, Pharmaceutical Regulatory Intelligence)
  • Neil J. Lander (Principal Product Manager)
  • Stephanie Harden (Manager, Global Pharmaceutical Marketing)
  • Jennifer Fournier (Director, Chemistry Product Marketing)
  • Matt Lauber (Sr Principal Consulting Scientist)
What should I do with my validated methods as I move them to new systems?

Discuss with the Waters team the benefits of moving validated methods to new technology without having to revalidate.

Am I addressing the analytical needs of large molecule characterization?

Non-specific adsorption (NSA) of metal-sensitive compounds is an unpredictable challenge, leading to long column passivation times, chromatography with large RSDs, and broad peaks that can be a challenge to detect. Join a panel discussion to discuss the benefits of MaxPeak Premier Solutions and how the technology addresses the entire spectrum of biopharma applications.

Am I preventing the interactions I don’t want in my system, and creating the ones I do?

What types of challenges do you have with non-specific adsorption? Are you seeing the effect of metal-analyte interactions? Join a panel discussion with the Waters Chemistry R&D team about how to answer these questions.

Is my LC or SFC purification system flexible to support my increasing workload demands?

Join a panel discussion hosted by the Waters Specialty & Purifications Systems team on how you can scale your systems to meet your purification requirements.

What’s the value of modernizing my LC systems?

Everyone is talking about modernizing their labs, systems, and methods – but what does that mean for your business? We welcome you to join a panel discussion on the value of replacing your older LC systems with newer technology.

Am I getting the most out of my LC system?

Maintaining peak performance, minimizing downtime, addressing application challenges, and supporting stringent compliance requirements are all challenges we face in the lab every day. We welcome you to join in the discussion on how to improve your current programs and ways to address these challenges.

Waters Corporation: Virtuální Waters LC Symposium 2022

16:00 – 16:15

Global Panel Discussion: Customer Perspectives on Waters LC Solutions
  • Karen Nyholm (Senior Director Americas Field Marketing, Waters Corporation)
  • Rowan Moore, Ph.D. (MRSC, Senior Director Europe Field Marketing, Waters Corporation)
  • Wui Siew TAN, Ph.D. (Director APAC Product Management and Marketing, Waters Corporation)
  • Yuhua Ren (Senior Director Greater China Marketing, Waters Corporation)
  • Moderator: Jeff Mazzeo, Ph.D. (Vice President Global Marketing & Scientific Operations, Waters Corporation)

14:00 – 17:00

Virtual Booth Experience

Visit our virtual tradeshow floor and interact with experts

You need to deliver results quickly, safely, and consistently. We want to help you achieve these results as you navigate lab innovation, global economic pressures, and the challenges associated scaling processes. We invite you to hear from our regional leaders on how Waters LC solutions are purpose-built to help you answer and address these topics.

Waters Corporation: Virtuální Waters LC Symposium 2022

Presenters Bios

Jeffrey R. Mazzeo, Ph.D. (Vice President, Waters Corporation)

Jeff received his Ph.D. from Northeastern University in 1992, working under the direction of Professor Ira Krull. Jeff joined Waters after graduation, focusing on chiral separations and ion analysis. After a short stint in the pharmaceutical industry, Jeff rejoined Waters in 2000 as Manager of the Applied Technology group in the Chemistry Operations division of Waters. Jeff was named Biopharmaceutical Business Director in 2007, a role in which he developed and implemented a strategy to grow Waters’ business to biopharmaceutical firms. In 2012 Jeff took on a new role managing Waters’ business in the chemical materials area. This area of Waters’ business is focused on petroleum, polymers, chemicals, personal care products and electronics. In 2014, Jeff took over the newly formed Health Sciences business, a critical growth area for Waters that is focused on the biomarker discovery to diagnostic continuum. In 2016, Jeff was named Vice President of the Consumables Group. In June of 2017, he was appointed to the role of Vice President, Global Marketing, and in 2019 he also took on responsibility for Scientific Operations. In this role, he oversees Waters marketing organization, including market segments, product marketing and marketing services.

R. Bruce Register, Ph.D. (CEO, BriOri BioTech)

Dr. Register has an extensive corporate business and scientific background, developed over the course of a thirty-year career that covers the spectrum from the laboratory benchtop to the executive suite. His career path started at: SIBIA (Salk Institute), Merck Research Laboratories, Bayer Healthcare, and he is now founder of BriOri BioTech.

Jeremy Darcey (Senior Field Service Specialist, Waters Corporation)

Ocean Dweller who loves to travel, partake in outdoor activities, and find new adventures along the way. Jeremy loves to dig into customer problems and solve them with specialty measurement instrumentation. He creates, teaches, and optimizes results that matter. Jeremy is known for delivering key information, building amazing teams and resources, and quickly adapting to new learnings.

Douglas J. Turk (Business Unit Manager, Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing)

Doug is responsible for the scientific operations, management, technical and administrative functions of the BPT Laboratory. He directs the research, development, chemical release testing, microbial testing and regulatory affairs for our GMP accredited laboratory. Doug has over 30 years of experience in pharmaceutical R&D and analytical testing in both large pharma and contract research organizations. Doug received a Doctor of Philosophy degree in analytical neurochemistry from the University of Oklahoma in Norman as well as a Bachelor of Science degree (honors) in Chemistry and a Master of Science degree in Analytical Chemistry both from McGill University in Montreal. He was a founding member of the annual Land O’Lakes Bioanalytical conference and has a continuing interest in a number of scientific organizations including the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, American Chemical Society, American Society for Mass Spectrometry, Chemical Institute of Canada, Canadian Society for Pharmaceutical Scientists, the Global CRO Council and Sigma Xi – the Scientific Research Society.

Pauline McGregor, Ph.D. CChem MRSC (PMcG Consulting)

Pauline McGregor Ph.D. CChem MRSC founded PMcG Consulting in September 2006. She has over thirty years of experience in the Pharmaceutical industry and holds a PhD in organic, analytical chemistry. She originally came to Canada from Edinburgh, Scotland in 1995 to carry out her postdoctoral studies at the University of Western Ontario.

Pauline brings technical expertise to laboratories which enable her to assist them to develop, transfer, verify and validate analytical procedures, and also optimize efficiency with regards to laboratory operations and troubleshooting in an analytical development and QC environment. She been involved in the development and evolution of lifecycle management for analytical procedures and AQbD since 2010. Pauline was a member of the USP expert panel for Validation, Verification and Transfer of Analytical Procedures and a member of a USP Chemical Medicines expert review committee. She continues to be a USP volunteer Expert Advisor and is a Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, UK.

Amanda Dlugasch (Application Chemist, Waters Corporation)

Amanda Dlugasch is an Applications Chemist II in the Systems Development Laboratory at Waters Corporation in Milford, MA. She received her B.A. in Chemistry from Manhattanville College and her M.S. in Chemistry from Sacred Heart University. She started at Waters Corporation in the Instrument Evaluation group developing qualification protocols for newly released products. Upon transferring to the Systems Development Laboratory, her initial focus was to evaluate and provide application and training material for the release of ACQUITY Arc UHPLC System. Currently, she is studying how LC instrument design and LC system characteristics influence chromatography when transferring, scaling and modernizing methods.

Isabelle Vu Trieu (Pharmaceutical Market Development Manager, Americas, Waters Corporation)

Isabelle is a business development professional dedicated to delivering benefits to analytical scientists in the life sciences industry. With 17 years of experience in chromatography and mass spectrometry, Isabelle is particularly interested in helping pharmaceutical scientists achieve the data quality and integrity needed to drive decisions for drug quality, safety and efficacy. Isabelle joined Waters in 2009 and currently manages the development of the pharmaceutical market in the Americas. She holds Masters’ degrees in Chemistry from Columbia University and the University Claude Bernard in Lyon, France as well as a Chemical Engineering degree from Ecole Supérieure de Chimie Physique Electronique in Lyon, France.

Dr. Fadi Alkhateeb, Ph.D. (Senior Scientist, Scientific Operations, Waters Corporation)

Dr. Alkhateeb joined Waters in 2017 and spends his time exploring various approaches for analytical method development for pharmaceutical drugs. Prior to joining Waters, he was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Calgary (Calgary, AB, Canada), where he did research at Alberta Sulphur Research, one of North America's leading Sulphur research institutes. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Calgary, focusing on the development of novel, rapid separation and sample preparation techniques for the analysis of a wide range of chemical compounds. Dr. Alkhateeb has published several peer-reviewed articles in top analytical journals.

Rowan Moore, PhD, MRSC (Senior Director Field Marketing, Europe, Waters Corporation)

With over 20 years of experience in the field of analytical science, starting out in regulated bioanalysis then onto a Ph.D. in biomarker discovery, Rowan uncovered her passion for chromatography and mass spectrometry. She is proud to lead a high-impact marketing and applications organization that is committed to customer success.

Wui Siew TAN, Ph.D. (Director Product Management and Marketing APAC Waters Corporation)

Passionate about how science and data can solve challenges at both molecular and global scale, WuiSiew, who obtained her Ph.D. from MIT in polymer science engineering, is excited to join Waters APAC with over 15 years of experience in surface science, R&D, innovation, product management, tech M&A, and strategy consulting.

Waters Corporation
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