Automate and Streamline Your Lab’s LC and LC-MS Workflows

ZÁZNAM | Proběhlo Út, 19.9.2023
Vysvětlíme vám, jak instalace Automation Portal do ACQUITY a Arc Sample Managerů zjednodušila přenos vzorků.
Waters Corporation: Automate and Streamline Your Lab’s LC and LC-MS Workflows

Waters Corporation: Automate and Streamline Your Lab’s LC and LC-MS Workflows

How can you maximize the productivity of your trusted Waters liquid chromatography (LC) systems?

With the easy-to-use Waters Automation Portal, you will be able to automate your ACQUITY and Arc UPLC, UHPLC, and HPLC Systems to reduce time spent on tedious manual procedures, minimize errors, and making your LC and LC-MS workflows more efficient.

In this webinar, hear from Waters partners who will explain how installing the Automation Portal onto their ACQUITY and Arc Sample Managers simplified sample transfer, allowing their scientists to focus on the science instead of tasks.

The Automation Portal is configurable with a wide range of Waters LC and LC-MS systems, reduces space needed for plate loading and transfer, enables automation scheduling with specially designed software, and conveniently works with your preferred integrator to fit into your established workflows.

Join our webinar to see how to streamline your workflows and achieve the quality and consistency your lab demands from its automation partner.

Presenter: Darcy Shave (Principal Product Manager, Waters Corporation)

Darcy Shave is currently a principal product manager in the Small Molecules group at Waters Corporation (Milford, MA, USA), responsible for the purification and hardware automation products. Darcy has been with Waters for over 20 years, starting as an applications chemist in the purification group. From there, he moved into a variety of business development roles before becoming a product manager for purification software about 10 years ago and more recently for the entire purification portfolio. He has a degree in Agricultural Chemistry from the University of Saskatchewan and worked in value added processing of natural products before joining Waters.

Presenter: John Canty (Technical Trainer, Biosero)

John Canty is the Technical Trainer at Biosero where he educates scientists, automation engineers, and developers in automation solutions. With 19 years of experience in automation, John has held engineering roles at many other companies within the industry, including HighRes Biosolutions, Labcyte, Beckman Coulter, Zymergen, and Illumina. Throughout his career, he has been responsible for the concept, design, programming, and testing of automated equipment and processes. He now uses his expertise to teach others how to master automation software and technology for their own work.

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