Ask Me Anything: PFAS

ZÁZNAM | Proběhlo Út, 3.10.2023
Ponořte se do fascinujícího světa PFAS.
Technology Networks: Ask Me Anything: PFAS

Technology Networks: Ask Me Anything: PFAS

In this virtual Ask Me Anything session we are offering you a chance to delve into the fascinating world of PFAS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances).

We are honored to present Dr. Carol Kwiatkowski, a distinguished science and policy senior associate from Green Science Policy, as our esteemed guest.

Dr. Kwiatkowski will be your guide, providing expert insights and answering all your questions about PFAS. From its profound health and environmental concerns to the ever-evolving landscape of regulations, restrictions, and detection techniques. No question is off limits!

During this session, you can expect to:

  • Engage in a Live Q&A: Seize the opportunity to directly interact with Dr. Kwiatkowski, posing your most thought-provoking questions, and receive real-time, well-informed answers.

  • Gain Expert Perspectives: Immerse yourself in a vibrant exchange of ideas, as Dr. Kwiatkowski shares her profound insights on questions posed by fellow participants.

Presenter: Dr. Carol Kwiatkowski (Adjunct Assistant Professor, North Carolina State University)

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