Advancements & Optimization of Analytical Technology for Oligonucleotide Analysis - Webinar 1

ZÁZNAM | Proběhlo Út, 26.9.2023
Hlavní pokroky, optimalizace a inovace analytické technologie, které posunou vaši analýzu oligonukleotidů na další úroveň.
Thermo Scientific: Advancements & Optimization of Analytical Technology for Oligonucleotide Analysis - Webinar 1

Thermo Scientific: Advancements & Optimization of Analytical Technology for Oligonucleotide Analysis - Webinar 1

Join us for this webinar series to learn and hear from experts in the field about major advancements, optimizations, and innovations of analytical technology to take your oligonucleotide analysis to the next level.

From sample to results, the analysis of oligonucleotide therapeutics requires robust and accurate analytical characterization to confirm identity, and to determine purity, quality, and strength.

Through our external and internal expert speakers’ testimonials, you will have the chance to discover our complete workflow solutions and get a full understanding of new advancements and optimization techniques for each step of the workflow.

Learning points:

  • Discover new LC-MS methods for oligonucleotide and RNA analysi

  • Understand practical improvements and innovations in nucleic acid separations using oligonucleotide DNAPac column

  • Find out how BioPharma Finder™ Software can support your oligonucleotide analysis.

Who should attend:

  • Biopharmaceutical Research Scientists

  • Analytical Scientists from Biopharma companies working on or interested in oligonucleotide-based therapies.

  • PhD students in any field of biotherapeutic drug development

  • Scientists looking to advance knowledge of oligonucleotide analysis.

Presenter: Dr. Johannes Kremser (Senior Scientist R&D for Oligonucleotides, Eurofins Genomics)

With more than seven years of experience in the field of oligonucleotides, Dr. Johannes Kremser has a proven track record of successful project management and producing quality outcomes through professional expertise and team motivation. His advanced education began in Innsbruck at the Leopold-Franzens University where his bachelor thesis in Organic Chemistry was supervised by Univ. Prof. Ronald Micura. Upon completion of his bachelor’s degree in 2014, he continued there under the direction of Assoc. Prof. Christoph Kreutz where he defended his masters in Organic Chemistry in 2016.

His passion for oligonucleotide chemistry in combination with NMR spectroscopy took him abroad to London as a visiting doctoral student at the University College London where in the Department of Structural and Molecular Biology guided by Dr. D. Flemming Hansen, his project focused on RNA entitled ‘Elucidation of transiently formed excited state RNA structures by NMR spectroscopy’. With his successes in the UK, he returned in 2019 to his alma mater of Leopold-Franzens University to produce and defend his doctoral thesis “'Seeing the Invisible' - Investigation of RNA Excited States via NMR Spectroscopy” under supervision of Assoc. Prof. Christoph Kreutz.

Johannes transitioned from his academic career into his professional debut as the group leader in R&D for oligonucleotides in Switzerland at Bachem AG. His subsequent and present employment with Eurofins Genomics in Ebersberg commenced in 2022 as Senior Scientist R&D for Oligonucleotides where he manages the laboratory and process planning for RNA high throughput and mid-scale production and ensure ISO-conform oligonucleotide production.

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