Take control of your data and instruments: Your journey starts here

ZÁZNAM | Proběhlo St, 14.6.2023
Thermo Scientific Ardia Platform spojuje chromatografii a hmotnostní spektrometrii, propojuje data a přístroje a pomáhá vědcům přiblížit se pravdě.
SelectScience: Take control of your data and instruments: Your journey starts here

SelectScience: Take control of your data and instruments: Your journey starts here

Digital transformation is a journey driven by the desire to fundamentally improve laboratory working practices by leveraging the latest advances in technology. Whether it be a need to eliminate errors, operate more efficiently, or reach confident results faster, laboratories are focusing more than ever on software.

Designed as a scalable solution for modern, dynamic (often cloud-based) environments, the Thermo Scientific™ Ardia™ Platform brings together chromatography and mass spectrometry, connecting data and instruments, helping scientists get closer to the truth. In this webinar, discover how you can reap the benefits of a connected platform to maximize instrument utilization, streamline lab and data management, and realize true efficiency gains.

Key learning objectives

  • Discover how you can enable wider collaboration within your business
  • Learn how you can access, monitor and schedule instruments from a single location
  • Find out how you simplify data storage and expedite review

Who should attend?

  • Lab managers
  • Principle scientists
  • Technical specialists
  • MS users
  • IT managers

Presenter: Peter Zipfell (Product Marketing Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific)

For the past 22 years, Peter Zipfell has worked extensively with chromatography hardware and software transitioning from LC-MS method development through HPLC technical support to chromatography data systems. He joined Thermo Fisher Scientific over 13 years ago and more recently became involved as the lead for Ardia platform product marketing. His focus has always been to support Thermo Fisher customers by delivering software solutions across multiple industries to enable them to improve their current workflows and increase productivity.

Presenter: Kevin Schauer (Product Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific)

Kevin Schauer is a molecular biologist by training and has been working with chromatography and mass spectrometry instrumentation for over 10 years. He joined Thermo Fisher Scientific five years ago as a field applications scientist where he worked with customers to better leverage the capabilities of the mass spectrometry instrumentation for their life science research. He transitioned to the Ardia platform product management team several years ago where he now works to produce software that allows users to operate more efficiently and get their work done faster.

Presenter: Georgina Wynne Hughes (Editorial Team, SelectScience)

Georgina studied at Birmingham University where she gained a BSc in Biomedical Science, and an MSc by Research in Cancer and Genomic Sciences, which focused on defective autophagy in rare neurodegenerative diseases. As a member of the Editorial team, she now plays an integral role in shaping the content on SelectScience.