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Analysis of Sugar Substitutes in Food and Beverages​

ZÁZNAM | Proběhlo Út, 30.5.2023
Témata: Vývoj účinných metodologií pro analýzu náhražek cukru; Zvyšte efektivitu své laboratoře pomocí Empower.
Waters Corporation: Analysis of Sugar Substitutes in Food and Beverages​

Waters Corporation: Analysis of Sugar Substitutes in Food and Beverages​

Accelerating Routine Food & Beverage Testing with Optimized Methods

Explore the latest technology and methodology solutions to help you deliver results more easily and efficiently for routine Food and Beverage QC testing for : Sugars, Sugar Substitutes Additives, Vitamins and Amino Acids.

EPISODE 2 - Sugar Additives Analysis


Developing Efficient Methodologies for Sugar Substitute Analysis

  • Presenter: Dr. Jinchuan Tran (Principal Scientist - Waters​)

Sugar taxes and consumer demand for sugar-free versions of popular beverage brands have seen a continued increase in the development of diet and zero sugar products. Analyzing sugar substitutes and other ingredients in food and beverages is an important assay to ensure a product is within specification. The concentration and combination of different sweeteners in beverages are key to a product’s characteristic flavor and need to be consistent wherever the product is manufactured. In this talk, we will explore how Waters separation technologies can support the development of efficient methodologies for the routine analysis of sugar

Increase your laboratory efficiency with Empower

Speaker: to be announced

Abstract: Increase your laboratory efficiency with Empower. Learn how Empower's system suitability checks and custom calculation fields can help streamline food and beverage testing. Ensure system readiness, simplify workflows, and eliminate transcription errors.

Three methods of sweeteners: Steviol, Acesulfame, and Sucralose on soda and tea matrices

  • Presenter: to be announced

Abstract: Available soon

Live Q&A session
  • Moderator: Cecile Pinto (Food & Environmental Market Development Manager, South Europe - Waters)

  • Speaker: Dr. Jinchuan Yang (Principal Scientist - Waters)

Presenter: Dr. Jinchuan Yang (Principal Scientist, Scientific Operations, Waters Corporation)

Dr. Jinchuan Yang is a principal scientist in the Scientific Operations at Waters Corporation. Since he joined Waters in 2002, his roles at Waters have mainly focused on application development, marketing development, as well as support for R&D and training. His main technical expertise is in the food and the environmental analysis areas as well as in material characterization. He volunteers in technical groups at AOAC International and USP and serves as a member of expert panels in these organizations.

Waters Corporation
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