No chromophore – no HPLC analysis?

ZÁZNAM | Proběhlo Út, 21.3.2023
Ulrike Holzgrabe se podělí o své zkušenosti s používáním charged aerosol detection jako alternativy při hodnocení kvality léků.
Thermo Scientific: No chromophore – no HPLC analysis?

Thermo Scientific: No chromophore – no HPLC analysis?

Reversed phase column chromatography is commonplace in quality assessment of drugs. This usually involves the use of aqueous buffers, acetonitrile and/ or methanol as a mobile phase and commonly used UV detection. But what happens when excipients and drugs don't contain a chromophore? These samples can't be identified and quantified by UV detection. Our answer is Charged Aerosol Detection (CAD), which is an excellent alternative and works as a universal detector for almost all non-volatile and many semi-volatile compounds.

Please join this webinar to hear about the work of our guest speaker, Ulrike Holzgrabe, from the department of Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry at University of Wuerzburg. In her presentation, she will share her experience of using charged aerosol detection as an alternative in the quality assessment of drugs.

CAD has the flexibility and performance for analytical R&D, and the simplicity and reproducibility needed for manufacturing QA/QC and can be used for the analysis of pharmaceuticals in both large and small molecules. It is a reliable and an easy-to-use solution to quantify novel compounds without the need for compound specific calibration and is a key technology in our high throughput library purification platform.

Learn how CAD can be applied in your work with tips, tricks, pointers, and expert advice.

Join our panel of experts for a roundtable and Q&A discussion

  • Ulrike Holzgrabe (Institut für Pharmazie und Lebensmittelchemie University of Wuerzburg)
  • Paul Gamache (Director - Research and Development, Thermo Fisher Scientific)
  • Frank Steiner (Senior Manager- Product Applications & Scientific Advisor, Thermo Fisher Scientific)
  • Tibor Muellner (Senior Product Applications Specialist, Thermo Fisher Scientific)

We invite you to submit any questions you may wish to be discussed on this registration page.

Who should attend:
  • Laboratory managers and directors
  • Technology leaders
  • Principal scientists
  • Laboratory analyst
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