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LC Hardware Troubleshooting part 1

ZÁZNAM | Proběhlo Čt, 24.11.2022
V této prezentaci vás provedeme přehledem procesů spojených se základním HPLC vybavením.
Restek: LC Hardware Troubleshooting part 1

Restek: LC Hardware Troubleshooting part 1

The HPLC instrument has been at the heart of many analytical laboratories for several decades now. Quite often analysts may be introduced to the concept of chromatography through the course of study, but it’s much less likely that the mechanics of the system will have been explored in detail. Because of this, it can be a bit daunting approaching problem solving with these instruments.

In this presentation, we’ll be walking you through an overview of the processes involved with basic HPLC instrumentation. From there we’ll examine in a greater depth how each component of a HPLC system comes together to provide the analysis you may be looking for, looking at the finer mechanical details of what is taking place, and offering tips along the way to keep your system running smoother for longer.

This webinar aims to:
  • Provide a general overview of what an HPLC Instrument is
  • Look in greater depth at individual sections of the HPLC instrument to describe how they function
  • Offer some advice on how to look after your instrument to keep it running well for longer
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