LC/MS Forum

ZÁZNAM | Proběhlo St, 30.11.2022
Odbornící a specialisti z Peak Scientific, Shimadzu, Agilent a dalších společností prozkoumají nejnovější trendy a inovace v LC-MS.
The Analytical Scientist: LC/MS Forum

The Analytical Scientist: LC/MS Forum

This forum, hosted by The Analytical Scientist and featuring speakers from Peak Scientific, Shimadzu and Agilent, and more, will explore the latest LC-MS trends and innovations. Register to discover how recent advances in LC-MS are making waves across a broad range of exciting application areas.

At the end of the event, we’ll be hosting a live question-and-answer session with all of the speakers so you can dive a little deeper into any of the topics covered during the forum discussion.

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Presenter: Gregor Thompson (Product Manager, PEAK Scientific)

Gregor Thompson joined PEAK Scientific in October 2021 as a Product Manager and has been leading on product improvements and new product development of nitrogen generators designed for LC/MS.

He has a varied portfolio of products and works closely with the major instrument manufacturers worldwide to ensure all new developments are optimised for LC/MS.

Presenter: Hannah Florance, PhD (LC/MS Application Specialist, Agilent)

In 2006, Hannah gained her PhD at the University of Edinburgh in non-covalent protein interactions in solution and the gas phase under the tutelage of Prof. Perdita Barran.

Hannah is currently an LC/MS applications specialist for Agilent, based in Cheadle, UK and has had multiple roles in the life sciences research, starting as a protein chemist, before moving into the proteomics and metabolomics fields.

Presenter: Stéphane Moreau (Product Manager , Shimadzu)

Stephane Moreau obtained his diploma in 1994 at INSA (National Institute of Applied Sciences) in Rouen, France, in fine chemistry and engineering specializing in chemical process engineering.

He then started his professional career in laboratory equipment distribution before he joined the brand-new Shimadzu France subsidiary in 2002. Since then, he has held many positions inside Shimadzu group to develop the MS range business. Since September 2013, he has been product manager for the MS range with Shimadzu Europe.

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