Live BioAccord Demo: Oligos Analyses with Enhanced Capabilities

ZÁZNAM | Proběhlo St, 28.9.2022
Dr Jo-Anne Riley vám ukáže, jak snadné je systém nastavit a provozovat, a bude spouštět živé experimenty předvádějící naše pracovní postupy INTACT Mass a CONFIRM Sequence od vzorků až po výsledky.
Waters Corporation: Live BioAccord Demo

Waters Corporation: Live BioAccord Demo

Analytical scientists need robust and easy solutions to allow the industry to understand their oligonucleotides therapeutics better and academic laboratories to accelerate their scientific research.

The BioAccord System delivers a foundation of high quality, reproducible and reliable results without the need for MS expertise. Waters solution offers exceptional LCMS performance and comprehensive informatics capabilities, specifically designed for oligonucleotides analytical laboratories who need to be able to make more confident and efficient analytical decisions.

In this 30 min live session from the Waters Wilmslow Demo Lab, you will be able to:
  • Discover the BioAccord System and software , including a preview of the INTACT Mass app and the CONFIRM Sequence app in waters_connect

  • Find out how the BioAccord System can help you to know more about your molecules – quicker and easier than ever!

  • Gain insight into this effortless, powerful solution and how these enhancements could benefit your laboratory

The BioAccord System with ACQUITY Premier and waters_connect is a compliant-ready workflow-based solution that is easy to deploy and operate, which improves decision making and time to results.

Dr Jo-Anne Riley will show you how easy the system is to set-up and operate and will run live experiments showcasing our INTACT Mass and CONFIRM Sequence workflows from samples to results.

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