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Waters European Oligonucleotide Forum 2 - Day 1

ZÁZNAM | Proběhlo St, 29.6.2022
Jsme potěšeni, že můžeme pokračovat v naší každoroční sérii věnované analytické chemii oligonukleotidů v Evropě a rozšířit náš záběr tak, aby zahrnoval všechna terapeutika na bázi nukleových kyselin.
Waters Corporation: Waters European Oligonucleotide Forum

Waters Corporation: Waters European Oligonucleotide Forum

This two-day event will be a unique opportunity to network with your peers and learn about their successes.

WEOF 2022 will take a hybrid format, with options to attend the event in person either in Wilmslow, UK or in Guyancourt (Paris area), France. Virtual attendees will have access to oral lecture content but will be unable to attend our hands on, interactive sessions or the conference dinner

WEOF 2022 Agenda

Our agenda will be a mix of talks from the scientific community, Waters’ presentations to better address your analytical needs and live demos on LC/MS and software.

Topics will include:
  • Existing and new analytical methods for synthetic oligonucleotides
  • Existing and new analytical methods for gene therapy therapeutics
  • Charge detection Mass Spectrometry
  • Latest hardware and software developments for all nucleic acid based therapeutics

WEOF 2022 Agenda

9.45 - 10.45 Welcome and Introduction Wilmslow
10.00 - 11.00 Opening keynote presentation: Waters MaxPeak High Performance Surfaces for Oligonucleotide Analysis
  • Laetitia Denbigh, Waters Corporation
  • Paris

10.30 - 11.30 Maxpeak High Performance Surfaces for Synthetic Oligonucleotides
  • Loic Roux, Ochre Bio
  • Wilmslow

10.55 - 11.55 Break*
11.15 - 12.15 Intact Mass app for oligonucleotides
  • Heidi Gastell, Waters Corporation
  • Wilmslow
11.45 - 12.45 The Impact of Low Adsorption Surfaces for the Analysis of DNA and RNA Oligonucleotides by IP-RPLC and HILIC
  • Valentina d'Atri / Honorine Lardeux, University of Geneva
  • Paris
12.10 - 13.10 Lunch*
13.10 - 14.10 waters_connect Sequence Confirmation Tools
  • Matt Gorton, Waters Corporation
  • Wilmslow

13.40 - 14.40 Sequencing of sgRNA and Other Long Oligonucleotides
  • Michael Ruhl, Biospring
  • Paris

14.05 - 15.05 Analysis of Oligonucleoides using ACQUITY Premier LC-MS (BioAccord)
  • Waters Corporation*
  • Local Programme

14.45 - 15.45 Break*
15.05 - 16.05 ACQUITY Premier LC Workflows
  • Waters Corporation*
  • Local Programme

15.45 - 16.45 Live session: waters_connect - Sequence Confirmation
  • Waters Corporation*
  • Local Programme

16.25 - 17.25 Close
Waters Corporation
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