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The next step in cannabis potency testing: Analyzing cannabinoids by LC/MS

ZÁZNAM | Proběhlo Po, 16.5.2022
Tento webinář ukáže další kroky v testování potence konopí se zaměřením na vývoj metod využívajících hmotnostní spektrometrii jako ortogonální techniku k HPLC.
Pixabay/NickyPe: The next step in cannabis potency testing: Analyzing cannabinoids by LC/MS

Pixabay/NickyPe: The next step in cannabis potency testing: Analyzing cannabinoids by LC/MS

With the expanding regulatory focus on the cannabis market, customers will need to obtain more specific information about the cannabinoid content of their products, which may not be attained by HPLC analysis alone.

This webinar will outline the next steps in cannabis potency testing with a focus on developing methods utilizing mass spectrometry as an orthogonal technique to HPLC to increase confidence in the separation and recognition of cannabinoids.

Attendees of this session will learn about adapting and optimizing HPLC methodology to include mass spectrometry and will gain an appreciation of the wealth of information that can be obtained by leveraging mass spectrometry. An overview of current methodology utilizing LC/MS at Agilent will also be discussed.

Key learning objectives

  • Overview of the fundamentals of HPLC/MS technology and its use in potency applications
  • Key benefits of adding mass spectrometry to potency applications
  • Key factors to consider when adding mass spectrometry to HPLC applications

Who should attend?

  • Growers, processors, and analytical and development scientists employed in the cannabis industry who are interested in learning more about adding mass spectrometry to their HPLC potency applications.

Presenter: Brian Whiteley (Application Engineer, Agilent)

Brian Whiteley is an Application Engineer in the HPLC group at Agilent. Prior to joining Agilent, he spent over 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry with various companies within their discovery chemistry groups. His research has focused on the synthesis, purification, and analysis of compounds generated in library format. He has extensive experience with HPLC, prep chromatography, LC/MS, and automation. His current focus at Agilent is on HPLC and LC/MS application support with an emphasis on cannabis potency methodology.

Presenter: Thomas Casburn (Editorial Team, SelectScience)

Tom studied biology at the University of Bristol, UK, and as a member of the editorial team, plays an integral role in shaping the content on SelectScience.

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